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Table Tennis & Badminton Tournament on 2nd Sept.`12 at IIT Delhi

Table Tennis & Badminton Tournament on 2nd Sept.`12 at IIT Delhi

Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 10:00 - 16:00

List of Participations:

Name Year of Graduation Degree & Department categories TT or Badminton
Ramakant gupta 1966 B Tech( Civil) Veterans Single (55+) Badminton
ck jain 1967 B Tech   Civil Veterans Single (55+) Badminton
G P Kedia 1969 B Tech (Mech) Veterans Single (55+) Table Tennis
Dr P K Hari 1970 M Tech, Textile  Inter IITDAA Chapters  
Ashok Dayal 1970 B.Tech.Chemical Veterans Single (55+) Badminton
Pravin Purang 1971 B.Tech Mechanical Men's Singles TT
Ashok Gaur 1972 B. Tech (Mech) Veterans Single (55+) TT
Sushil jain 1973 BTech+MTech. Elect Women's Singles TT
Rakesh Upadhyaya 1974 B. Tech, Civil Veterans Single (55+) Badminton
ajay poddar 1976 btech civil Veterans Single (55+) TT
PPS SABARWAL 1977 MECH Veterans Single (55+) TT
Ramesh Mutreja 1978 73Chd16 Veterans Single (55+)  
D.P.Tripathy 1980 B.Tech ME Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Rajesh Agarwal 1982 B.Tech. CIVIL Men's Singles TT
Dr G.M.Saxena 1983 Ph.D Phys Veterans Single (55+) TT
T.V.B.Subrahma nyam 1983 M.Tech., Physics Boys  
prakash 1984   Women's Singles  
Ravi Kathuria 1985 B.Tech - Mech Men's Singles  
ARUNA SHARMA 1986 M.Sc. Chemistry Women's Singles TT
Ejaz Hoda 1986   Men's Single & women Single Badminton & TT
Sanjeev Gupta 1986 B.Tech TT Men's Singles TT
Ashok Kumar 1986 B.Tech ME Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Geetanjali Sawhney 1986  B Tech (Chemical Engg) Women's Singles TT
Chirag Jain 1987 BTech CS Men's Doubles/Single Badminton
Pawan Maini 1989 B Tech, Civil Engineering Men's Singles Table Tennis
Hemant Garg 1990 B.Tech (Civil) Men's Singles TT
Jitendra Kumar 1992 B Tech (CH) Men's Singles  
Pramit Kumar Garg 1992 M.Tech civil engineering Men's Singles TT
Deepak Arora 1992 BTECH Textile  Men's Singles Table Tennis
pramit kumar garg 1992 M.Tech Civil engineering Men's Singles Table Tennis
Indu Bhaskar 1993 M.Tech Men's Singles Table Tennis
Atul Bal 1993 M.Tech Men's Singles TT
Harish Gupta 1994 M.Tech.  Department of Management studies Boys TT
Nikhil Jain 1996 B.Tech - Mech Engg Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Rajul Jain 1996   Men's Singles

Women's Single

Badminton & TT
ASHUTOSH JHA 1997 M.Tech, Management Men's Singles Table Tennis
Somnath Bharti 1997 MSc MA Men's Singles Badminton
Harshavardhan Dayal 1998 B.Tech (EE) Men's Singles  
PYUSH DOGRA 1999 M.Tech. Civil Engg. Girls Badminton
Amit Dabas 1999 Btech mechanical Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Ipininder 2000 MBA, DMS Men's Singles Badminton
Rahul Shukla 2000 B Tech, Civil Engg. Men's Singles Table Tennis
Narendra Shukla 2000     TT
Pankaj Tewari 2001 Ph.D., Chemistry Men's Singles  
Tushar Gupta 2001 B.Tech, Civil Engineering Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Vikas Sachdeva 2001 B Tech, Textile Technology Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Sujeet  2002 B Tech/ Chemical Engg Men's Singles TT
Yogesh Seth 2002   Men's Singles Badminton Double
Badal Goel 2002 B.Tech Mechanical Men's Singles TT
Mayank Bhargava 2002 B. Tech, Textile Technology Men's Singles Table Tennis
Khushnuma Nausheen 2006 M.Sc. Mathematics Women's Singles  
Kshitij Kumar Singh 2008 B. Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power) Men's Singles Table Tennis
CD KAUSHAL 2009 M. Tech(Str.) Boys Badminton
Subodh Kumar 2010   Girl Badminton
Somil Garg 2010 MBA Men's Singles Badminton
Ankit Jain 2011 in Civil Engineering Inter IITDAA Chapters  
Aayush batra 2011 MCA Men's Singles  
Haninder Singh 2011 Dual, Biochemical Engineering Men's Singles Table Tennis
Kumud Jhamb 2012 MBA , DMS  Men's Singles Badminton
ANURAG SHARMA 2012 MBA, DMS Men's Singles TT & Badminton
Rajesh Durkhure 2012 MBA, DMS Men's Singles Table Tennis
Alok Agrawal 2012 MBA, DMS Inter IITDAA Chapters Badminton
Ltcdr ajay verma 2012 MTech, ITMMEC Men's Singles Table Tennis
Roopam Sharma 2016 cse Men's Singles TT
ANANT SHARMA - - Boys Badminton
Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad  Dec 2001 Mechanical Mtech  Production  Veterans Single (55+) Badminton
Mayank Bhardwaj 1st   Men's Singles TT & Badminton
aabhash tiwari none none Boys Table Tennis
Shashank student   Boys TT & Badminton
Kritik Sachdeva     Boys  
ANANT     Boys  
T.Kartik Kumar     Men's Single, Men's Double Badminton & TT
Prashant Singh   IITKGP Men's Singles Badminton
Dinesh Bansal   IITKGP Veterans Single (55+) Badminton & TT
Dr. D.S. Nagesh    IITKGP Men's Singles TT
Sunil Jain   IITKGP Men's Singles Badminton


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